Goddess Natalie - Prosperity spell with a twist

So you want to be more prosperous...you want to make more money and do better for yourself, am I right? That's what you've been telling me lately, and I can totally understand that!

I know that especially now, due to this pandemic, things haven't been going that well for you in that department, and I'm here to help. You know that I do have magical powers and know my witchcraft, so I can make it happen! But...

But...there will be a little price to pay for it! You want it, though, don't you? You'd do anything to make more money, am I right? So...it doesn't really matter if you might have to make a pact with the devil in order to get all that money, right? :)

P.S.: This is a real incantation (in Latin) and the spell does work. It is meant to work best for lottery players but not only, so if you do want to benefit from it at max, you might want to buy some lottery tickets. You have to watch this daily for one week, every time before bedtime.

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