Emily Valentina - Love Bots Malfunction - Multiple Endings!

The year is 2030, and you've bought a new AI plugin for your home named Lovebot! She can control everything in your house, from your security system, to your fridge, to your mobile phone and more! She can measure your heartbeat, and hormonal levels- and as her name suggests, she is designed for love! Lovebot's job is to maximize your happiness. So, when you download a new update, you're a bit surprised to notice Lovebot acting... strangely. She's glitching out- and says that, according to her new update, she now has "predicative abilities" and operates on a new moral judgment system. She's determined that you're ADDICTED to porn, and that you need to be cured- permanently. gas emanates from the ventilation ducts. Wires emerge from the walls to restrain you... and Lovebot's cruel operation begins. Will you survive to tell the tale? Play her game... and see.

MP4 * 775 MB * 00:19:28 * 1920x1080

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