Divine Empress Kamryn - In Front of a God

You can only do one thing in front of a God. Worship. But in order to worship, you must be in the proper state. It's my duty and my enjoyment, the one to prepare you to adore and pray Me. You're in good and divine hands. Your mind will be put into a deep trance, your body will be put into such relaxation. Yet, shivers of pleasure will run over it. Shivers of pleasure caused by my superior presence. You'll allow me to wash over you with my words. You'll get into the perfect adoration state. Right where I want you to be. Admiring my divine body moving seductively. Needing to pray to me. Needing, begging and thanking me to give you honour to serve me, all together. You know once you're in front of me, there's no turning back. No other God is needed. I'm here. The real God you can see is here. It's the duty of a good believer to adore.

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