Princess Violette - 5 Min BrainWash

You’re immediately captivated and on your knees. Second by second you’re losing touch with reality and you’re falling under my power. You don’t know what’s going on, but there is nothing you can do to resist. You’re drawn in like never before. Taken down. Brought to your knees and directly into deep submissive surrender. It happens so quickly. Your mind is truly fucked and unable to function. Malleable. Only responding to my powerful princess words of destruction & influence. You’re stupid, you’re horny, you’re vulnerable. You’re only able to focus and absorb me. All of Goddess, All for Goddess. My words will sink deep inside your psyche and cause a shift in thought patterns and belief systems. Deeper… brain-wash. What I want. Your mind is for me to control. You’ll feel my grip on you so fucking tight that the chance of any freedom will be obliterated. The mindfuck never ends. Addiction gets more and more intense. Princess gets more and more hot. The danger turns you on more and more. Your brain is not your own. Your cock throbs harder and harder.

MP4 * 1.00 GB * 00:07:08 * 1920x1080

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