Goddess Datura DiVine - Reward Clip - The Mindfuck Interview

Cute reporter Dee has some questions for you... But you just keep staring at her legs! Your company has recently completed testing for a highly valuable new material and everyone is eager for information about it. You dodge questions, intending to keep the formula secret, but Dee is too smart and seductive to give up. Weakened by her long legs you watch, dazed, as she reveals a secret tool of torment of her own! The entrancing pendant in her cleavage leaves you in a horny daze and the secrets start spilling from your lips! To add insult to injury, she tells you that you're helpless to stop her from selling the secrets, because if you squeal she's releasing the tapes of you slurring and wanking!

MP4 * 264 MB * 00:10:03 * 1280x720

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