Princess Miki - Erotic, Electrifying Love

The kind of love you have for Me is unlike any other. It’s unlike romance, and it’s beyond lust. Language can’t quite describe the physical, psychological, spiritual sensations evoked by this love.
You could perhaps call it “electrifying.” It’s thrilling, intense, and wildly erotic.
To you, I was once the lightning of a storm — beautiful from afar, but potentially dangerous. You were afraid of My destructive capabilities, and what I could do to you. But you gathered the bravery to approach Me, and the lightning struck you. The result was a beautiful flame.
It’s an everlasting flame, one that you don’t want to extinguish.
You never grow tired of this feeling, and you never will. The tingles that spread throughout your entire body, and the blissful surrender it triggers, and the feeling of weakness that washes over you are all things you could never give up.
It feels so good to become smaller for Me, weaker for Me.
You need Me. You need Me to strip you of your power. You need Me to feel alive. This is your place, this is who you are, and this love shows you the way.

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