Madam Violet - Spiral Of Addiction

ONly for those ready to give up mental control and allow Me to fuck you the way I want. To fuck your mind into mushy pulp, your body into a state of dehydration, your chemical brain into a state of true addiction. No waking trigger, no command to cum…or stop, caught in an endless spiral, just like the addiction I’m cultivating in you. Sometimes you never want the ecstasy of the agony to end. Sometimes you want to be pushed and seduced so far down that you lose all sense of time and space, all sense of survival…THIS is what you NEED. Twenty minutes designed specifically to be played on a loop over and over, each time taking you DEEPER. A spiral of pleasure…a spiral down into surrender… down into addiction. A combination of layered visuals of ASS, red nails, FEET, those long legs and layered interconnected voice tracks, finger snaps, that corner you from every angle edging you ever DEEPER. That’s all you have to do….LOOP this 20 minute file at least three times, preferably thirty! EDGING endlessly as I fuck your mind with MY agenda….you won’t care about that, you won’t care about anything, except your Goddess..

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