Crystal Knight - The Magic Djinni - Sensual Slave Training

I am a magical djinni whose bottle you have come to possess. The video starts with me granting you your first wish: the Perfect Woman! You are ecstatic having the woman of your dreams to do whatever you want with, but I only smile knowing how this will play out. I suggest that you explore a whole new world of pleasure by using your second wish to become my obedient slave. I promise that submission to a gorgeous and dominant woman is an erotic experience reserved only for the gods, but I can make that a reality for you. As I tempt you with my beauty I assure you that if I am not completely satisfied with the experience you can always use your final wish to revert back. Curious you repeat the words I command you to say: "I wish to become Goddess Crystal's slave." As you slide into subspace I begin to train you to be a good and obedient slave by having you repeat mantras like "I belong to Goddess Crystal" and "Goddess Crystal is my Owner." I make you kneel and thank me for revealing your true purpose as my loyal submissive. Finally, I make you beg for permission to use your third wish to stay as my slave forever, never to be free of my delicious control!

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