Goddess Leena Fox - Goon Loop Mind Trap - Lose Your Brain Cells Dummy

HumiliationPOV proudly introduces our newest Brat, Goddess Leena Fox! This mindfuck clip contains carefully constructed visual and audio effects, headphones are highly recommended.Get ready to lose all track of time as you get lost in this intense goon loop.
Welcome slave, you just can’t get enough of me can you? And it’s no wonder, I fuck your head so good every single time you hear my voice. And today will be no different. I’m going to fuck your brain so incredibly hard and you’re going to be gooning and edging until you lose all track of time. Until that silly little beta brain of your is dribbling out of your ears. You’re going to get so high, so high gooning and edging for me, so high on my body and my words. I can have that effect on you. I can make your brain actually feel like it’s high, like you’re floating deep in subspace.
Pull out your cock for me slave, I know that’s just what you need. You need this. You need me. Jerk your cock up and down as you stare at me, as my words begin to penetrate your mind, as you get higher and higher. Your mind is going to go so blank for me. And you’re not going to know what happened. You’re going to wake up tomorrow and not remember what happened. You’re going to wonder where did all that time go while you were lost in my carefully constructed jerk trance. Keep edging to my perfect body as you feel your mind slipping even deeper.
All you need to focus on is my voice and my perfect body and moving your hand up and down. That’s all you need to do, that’s all you need to think of. You need to get lost in my huge natural tits. Keep pumping, keep moving your hand up and down. Do you know what I love about you when you get so incredibly horny like this? I love how stupid you get, how easily manipulated you are. Keep gooning. All you have to do is edge and stare at my perfection. More and more of your brain is just dripping out through your ears. It feels so good letting your mind go blank for me. Keep staring, keep pumping, focus on my gorgeous body, get lost in my tits.
It’s so easy to get you to fall down the rabbit hole for me. Ooops there you go, falling deeper. My perfectly voluptuous body is such a dangerous weapon when used correctly. And I know just how to use it. Keep pumping, keep edging, keep gooning. Look right at me. Stare at my perfect body. Stare at my perfect feminine curves. You can’t get enough of me. Nothing feels better than edging your cock for my body. You’re so horny. This feels so good. Pumping your cock for me feels so good. Your mind is slipping deeper and deeper. There’s nothing else on your mind than gooning for me.
You just keep losing more and more brain cells. Getting dumber and dumber. Weaker and weaker. Entering that state where you’re so pliable and easy to manipulate. You’re so vulnerable right now and you don’t even know it because all you can focus on is pumping your cock to my ass. Your mind is completely blank, like putty in my hands. Jerk it harder. It feels so good to edge your cock for me, to go completely blank for my body. This is all you need for the rest of your life. You can’t escape this. You can’t stop jerking, you can’t look away.
Just focus on pumping your cock and staring at my delicious curves. Pump, pump, pump. Your mind is completely blank, void of any thought. You can’t think, all you can do is jerk. Stare at my body and pump. There’s nothing else you need to be thinking of right now, not that you can think at all at this moment. But you’re not done. No. You want this to continue, you need to keep gooning. Watch this on loop all night, don’t stop. You don’t want to stop.

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