Empress Mika - Digital Chastity, Teasing And Key Dangling Through The Virtual Keyhole

Look what I have here, Both keys to your chastity cage. And there’s no other copy. You sent me both and now you have to look at them through the computer screen. This is what virtual chastity is all about. You are at home alone unable to touch your cock, and the only thing you can do is watch me tease you through your screen, many many miles away. You’re all locked up for a girl online and now I control your dick and there’s nothing you can do about it.
And I do love all of the control I have over you, that’s exactly the way things should be. I love being in control of chronic masturbators who are stuck at home alone, who have no idea where I am or how or when they’re going to get their key back. Do you like watching me dangle the keys in front of you through your computer screen? The keys that represent all the control that I have over you.
Now of course I’m going to tease you like crazy with my perfect body while you’re locked in chastity. I love tormenting you. You’re stuck in that cage and there’s nothing you can do about it. Just look at my long slender body, I mean it’s the reason you’re locked up for me in the first place. You couldn’t say no to me or my sexy body. And you’re so lucky that I’m willing to take the time to tease you, aren’t you? I mean how often do I even let you indulge in my gorgeous body. The only time I’ll be this nice is when I know you can’t stroke.
Just listen to your keys as they jingle. It’s the sound of you not having any control. Try and stroke it for me lol. Try to touch it through the cage with your pinky finger. It’s not really satisfying is it? I want you to suffer while I tease you while you’re in chastity. Look at my curves, everything about me is so perfect, isn’t it? You can’t resist. I want you horny and frustrated and desperate. I want you begging for your keys.
Don’t look away from the screen, take a good hard look at my sexy body, my perfect ass. Everything about me drives you crazy. I know your cock is hard in your cage, it must be throbbing in there. All you can do is sit there and watch. You’re such a good boy for me when you’re all locked up. I want you to watch this clip every single day for a week and then I’ll send you the keys. How does that sound? It’s only a week lol. I know that’s hard for a compulsive masturbator like you. But you have no choice now do you? And you know that you really don’t deserve to stroke whenever you want. That’s what chastity is all about. You know that you need this, that you deserve this.

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