Hypnotic Natalie - Don’t be afraid, little subby!

Hi there my little pet. So, it’s been a while now since you’ve been watching my videos and many changes took place deep inside of you, deep within your mind. It feels as if I have broken you into tiny pieces and put you back together exactly the way I wanted you to be, turning you into a new man. It feels like you’re not yourself anymore. I know that there is a part inside of you that is afraid right now, scared of what is happening to you, what I’m doing to you. You’re worried about where your mind is going and all the things it made you do for me recently. You’re worried of what you’ll end up doing next and where this might be going if you continue listening to me and watching my videos. This is why I want us to take our time to fully relax both your body and your mind today, so that we can embark on an even deeper trance than usual together – just you and me. I am going to take you all the way to Heaven and back, and I mean it, literally. Just that it will be your very own, personal Heaven. You’re gonna like up and there, and you’ll get to know yourself a bit better, to make peace with that submissive side of yours and learn to accept your beta side. You’ve been confused for such a long time, but now it is time for all this to become a lot clearer. It is time for you to embrace your beta side and surrendered to me, solidifying that idea. So, let me enslave you more and more with each and every one of my words, allow them to slowly turn into your own thoughts, getting imprinted onto your brain and calming you down. Allow me to put your mind at ease, to relax you while guiding your little puppy steps towards a more meaningful life!

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