Goddess Madam Violet - Maintenance Mode

Take off all your clothes and prepare to be placed into maintenance mode for a quick tune up. All men need regular servicing to ensure they remain useable, a quick trip to your control room is what we need. I will be putting you to sle ep and making the necessary adjustments in your brain.
Count yourself down from 100, at the count of one you will be mesmerised and you will be allowed to STROKE. Down and down, no longer numbers but symbols of your surrender. Down and down into a blissful slumber. And then Before you know it, it is time to STROKE. Stroking your cock only amplifies your empty mind. It is very dangerous to stroke whilst not awake because I can do what I want with you, you are in no position to resist or argue. And that’s why you love it! Love knowing I have full control and you are my helpless puppet.
Then it’s time, you are standing in front of a large machine with the word ‘sexual arousal’. I make you turn the dial all the way up to 10. Turning up your arrival is that easy when you are in this state. Then I take you to the next machine, ‘mindless obedience’, the next ‘addiction to Madam Violet. STROKING feels even HOTTER now, even more intense and erotic.
Now stroke with one hand as you turn ‘critical thinking’ machine down...you don’t need to think when you ARE mindlessly obedient. Then it’s on to then next and the next. We finish with turning up your orgasm power - just a little - and then I count you down into orgasm as a reward for the good work. So much better now!

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