Hypnotic Natalie - Addicted to ME - Independence Day Mesmerization

This Independence day, I will allow you to watch one of my mesmerizing videos as a present. Because I know how much you love the sound of my voice and how addicted you've gotten to my mind games, I will let you enjoy both of those while you're fully naked in your bed. Make sure you put your headphones on, to be able to fully immerse into this and fall into a deep state of trance for me. All I want you to do is to let go of that control, disconnect from reality, listen to my voice and follow my guidance. You are safe and protected as long as you obey me. As long as you do exactly as I say, you will always be safe, and I will always be holding your hand, guiding you in the darkness. There will be a brand new trigger for you to enjoy thanks to this video, and it will be changing your life forever, so watch it at your own risk :)

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