Goddess Saffron - Face Your Shame

As a submissive male you often experience different emotional states. Although mainly in a state of blank minded arousal, there are times when a little voice in your head pulls you back into your mundane conformed lifestyle. Yes, sometimes you cannot contain yourself and experience an earth shattering orgasm from the pleasure of serving Me, you. You tear open an unauthorised release, which at the time is wonderful for you. But then.... that little voice sets in.... the little voice is your shame. Round and round the cycle goes. So today you are going to sit down like a good boy and subject your subconscious to this self help mind programming session which will make you face your shame once and for all. I am going to condition your thinking and show you a way to never hear that nagging voice again. You will return on a rollercoaster ride of blissful submission, rendering you deep within a permanent state of enslavement. your shame will be eradicated. you shame will be put on lock down. Are you ready to remove that little voice that keeps haunting you? Let's begin.

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