Princess Hellen Roxx - Bikini Brainwash (Effects)

I’m going to brainwash you with my bikini body. This clip is hyp n0 t!c visual candy, meant to brainwash you. It is set to trance music so you can watch me move in rhythm with the beat. You will actually feel the music building and building as you stroke it faster and faster. It’s so hyp n0 t!c to watch. You’ll be so drawn in my my body and my curves. They’re so hyp n0 t!c. You won’t be able to look away. I’ve never looked hotter ;).And as I slowly, rhythmically move in front of you, I’m also going to brainwash you with my words. I’m going to whisper triggers in your ear with my sweet voice...I am your Goddess. You can’t get enough of my perfect bikini body. You live to serve me. I am the only Goddess you worship. Stare at my ass. Prove your devotion to me by spoiling me. Worship my body. You can’t look away. You need to obey me. My needs come before yours. My hot, young bikini body is taking over your mind. Your mind can’t stop thinking about how you want to please me. I am your bikini Goddess. You love the way my body moves. You can’t get enough. Jerk it. Faster. You live to serve me now. You’re so helpless. Staring, lost in the movements of my body. I’m mindfucking you and you love it. Spoil my bikini body. You love to obey me. You live to obey me. You’re a drooling mindless drone for me now. You can’t get enough of me. I am the only Goddess you will worship. You’re mine now. Caught in my hyp n0 t!c bikini trance. You will watch this video over and over again. You feel my power over you.You don’t ever want it to end

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