Brat Princess 2 – Princess Ava – Self Esteem Destroyer Mind Straightener with JOI

This is a beautiful relaxing clip that will help straighten a beta/mutt out.  The clip bastes your brain with insults and humiliation while at the same time teaching you to let your stroking be controlled by a bunch of brats.  Self esteem removal does not need to be harsh!  It can be romantic in a way.  This clip is like having Brat Princess walk through your brain with stilettos.  Each step the heels sink into your brain matter.  The resulting damage really adds up!  The clip brings beta’s to edges and then shuts em down quickly after a countdown. This repeated blue balling and gooning will really do a number on you.  The clip features Brat Princess Ava and with the voices and appearances of many other Brat Princesses.  This clip is great to watch before a binge or a reckless cash tribute.  We will loosen you up and breakdown resistance to increasing your porn addiction and submissiveness to brats. This is a must for any beta/simp/mutt who struggles with their lot in life.

MP4 * 570 MB * 00:20:18 * 1920x1080

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