Goddess Penelope - Trapped In My Shiny Goon Loop

Goddess Penelope! Enter Goddess Penelope's techno goon trance filled with audio and visual mindfuckery. Pump your brains out to the beat and lose your mind for shiny.

I am what your weakness is. You are a slut for shiny. I can make your cock ache. I want to make your cock throb. And I have the right weapon to do so. You are gonna ache for me. You are gonna stroke for me. You are gonna crave me because you are weak for shiny. You are gonna jerk jerk jerk, stroke stroke stroke because we both know you're weak and vulnerable when it comes to shiny. You lose all your senses. You just want to stroke away. I am going to make you ache for shiny. You have no choice.

You are gonna stroke, stroke, stroke. But you are not allowed to cum. You are gonna keep edging until you ache. Edging until there's nothing left in your brain. Edging until you're completely stupid. Edging until your balls ache. You won't be able to stop gooning because you are weak for shiny. Edging for shiny. Aching for shiny. I'm going to get your balls so blue that you're going to be desperate to blow your load.

But you aren't allowed, you haven't been given permission. But you don't want to anyway, because you are so addicted to this feeling. This feeling of edging and gooning, this feeling of having my direct attention. You are so weak for shiny. So keep stroking and gooning because that's all you can do right now. You are desperate for me. You are just so stupid. I have all the control now, you have lost complete control. You are never in control when shiny is involved because you are love shiny. Your mind goes blank, your mind goes empty. There's only me and you and my shiny outfit.

You can't stop jerking your cock. Your cock brought you here on this shiny journey. And you're here to stay. And there's nothing you can do about it because you are desperately weak for shiny. Pump, pump, pump for me. Goon for shiny. Stroke for shiny. It feels so good and you can't get enough of it, can you? Stroke, stroke, stroke for shiny because it feels so good. You can't get enough of it. You can't stop. You're so weak for it. You just wanna jerk for it.

Shiny is my weapon against you, against your cock. Your cock loves me right now. Your cock needs me. It's weak for shiny, it's aching for shiny. There's nothing else, nothing else exists right now except for that feeling of your hand wrapped around your cock. It's just you, me and shiny. But no cumming for you. You're a mindless gooner and gooner's don't cum. Just get weaker and weaker as you goon and edge. You have no choice because I'm in control now. Goddess Penelope is in control now. You have lost control because you're never in control when shiny is around. You are so weak for shiny. But no cumming for you. Just keep pumping for shiny all night long, a shiny loop for my goontard.

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