Madame Jade Paris - MindGasm

Are you prepared to lose your mind completely….to lose the whole concept of thought?

I’m about to melt your mind until you have a “MINDGASM” completely devoid of all thoughts.

Have no fear, your Goddess, Madame Jade will drop you into a deep HiPN0tiK state of mindless arousal…I will guide you and be right by your side, and once your mind has gone, I will lay My Goddess hands on your body and take over as you float on an erotic cloud of mindless obedience.

A very powerful induction gets you right where I want you until confusion clouds your mind and you let go… That is when you drop and My “wizard of words power” consumes and takes over your complete being.

A pool of blankness as you breath and drop deeper and deeper into My erotic spiral of arousal…Thoughts tumbled all over each other… you are losing your Mind to Me, your Goddess, Madame Jade.

I gather your thoughts all together as you focus on Me and your breathing…now let them all go as you follow My words and My silky voice…through an endless loop of words and wisdom …and you realize you don’t have to think at all...feels so good.

You will surrender to Me as My words spin around you…an empty void you are falling into…. DROP!

Each drop causes a ripple and then fades away…. A clean empty slate of a mind, void of all thoughts and ideas…just there…in the moment…no past, no future…just the now….DROP!

Your mind follows along because it enjoys My Goddess words…thinking is way too tiring…its much easier to stop thinking all together…

No more thoughts are needed….they melt away and your mind becomes completely empty…

Your mind is like a black board that I erase…


MINDLESSLY you gaze at My sexy breasts, lips, blue eyes and silky black hair….no thoughts but your body responds as it becomes more and more aroused.

Youur mind, an empty canvas…your mind is open…a beautifully blissful space of blankness to enjoy…

Beyond your thoughts is a subconscious that still controls things even when you are in trance…But even your subconscious can be reprogrammed…

I brush your thoughts away… empty and calm…as I lay my hands on you exploring every inch… DROP and edge.

When you are completely blank, there are no worries, no wonders…all there is, is the now…all things of logic go out the window…

Thoughts absent, body aroused, you simply exist without a care… MINDGASM!

Enjoy My pet! Xoxoxo Madame Jade.  

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