Mixtrix, Sun Goddess Fancy - ATM Reprogramming: Greedy Double Domme Mind Control

Double Domme mind control starring Mixtrix and SunGoddessFancy. you have NEVER seen a Human ATM reprogamming clip like this (or money fetish clip or findom clip for that matter). Unique music video style clip is visually mesmerizing and will steer you right into your new Human ATM mindset. "you are just a machine. you don't think. you dispense cash" This is SNEAKY mind control with a soundtrack of 3 perfect songs and lopping video. It becomes harder and harder to look away from us the longer you watch and listen. There are so many little details and the visuals arrest your mind so WE can fill it full of whatever we want. And what do we want? For YOU to recognize you are a HUMAN ATM now, ready to pay and send at our whim. you will learn that you are here to dispense. We simply figure out which buttons to press and you spit out cash just like you're supposed to; you love our greedy ways and know what you are now. "your function is to pay. We want MORE. MORE." If you love femdom clips in general OR ATM reprogramming clips, then this is one for your collection. Badass visuals, bratty greedy girls and a perfect soundtrack make for the reprogramming vid that works on you because it really gets stuck in your head! you cannot help but come away changed after watching this. If you actually turn out your lights and FOCUS on this video? You get head drilled by two greedy dommes who want to make you their money machine. See for yourself.

MP4 * 945 MB * 00:15:55 * 1920x1080

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