Goddess Natalie - Edge Your Brain To Mush - Jerk Junkie Gooner Trance Loop

This is an amazing tease and denial edging clip! You will ride that edge over and over again, you will feel like you're cumming for hours as you watch this on loop. Goddess Natalie starts out in her chair with a soft, mesmerizing beat behind her seductive voice as she explains the pleasure of edging. You will become mesmerized by her voice and her dancing cyber twins. And then, the beat increases as she takes you on an erotic edging experience that will have your cock throbbing in the palm of your hand. You will absolutely love every second of her edging instructions as she turns your brain to mush...

I know that this is the one thing you look forward to at the end of every single day. Coming here so you can desperately stroke that horny cock of yours for me. You know I'm right, there's no point in trying to deny it. So get naked because today I want to make you edge for me. I want this little edging session to be more tormenting than it has ever been before. You're going to stroke to me for a very long time, and you're going to ride the edge like the good boy that you are.

So get down there on your knees where you belong, right there in front of me. Take that cock in your hand and stroke for me. Pump it, pump it up and down to my perfect body. I know that you are addicted to this. I know that you love the pleasure of jerking off so much that you don't want it to ever end, do you? I know you don't. And I know how to keep that pleasure alive for as long as possible. I know exactly what you need. All you have to is follow my guidance and ride that edge for me. Ride it over and over and over again. And make that stupid face you always make and pump it. You know that when you cum it feels really good, but it only lasts for a few seconds, doesn't it? But you want more than just a couple of seconds of pleasure, don't you? You want minutes, hours, or maybe even days of constantly riding that edge for me. Because edging, gooning, it's kinda like cumming, but for much, much longer.

You can already feel it, it's taking over your body right now, isn't it? You can already feel it driving you crazy as you stroke and stroke away. Admit it, you don't really want that kind of pleasure to go away. Feel it, feel the pleasure intensifying the longer you ride that edge. You don't want to let go of that, so ride the edge for me. Pump it from the base to the tip like a good boy. Pace yourself so you can ride that edge. Go just a bit faster and intensify the pleasure a bit more. Stroke, stroke, stroke away. You can feel that edge, you can feel it getting closer and closer, can't you? Keep pumping that cock and bring yourself all the way to the edge for me. You can feel it now, you're right on the edge, now ride it.

Now let go of your cock for me. Feel your cum go back down to your balls as your cock twitches in the air. Good boy. Now start all over again. This is going to be the most intense jerkoff session you've ever experienced before. Nothing makes you harder than gooning for me. Pump it for your Goddess and let's bring you back to the edge again. I want to trap you in that goon trap, desperately riding that edge. Because I know that when you stroke desperately like that, you turn into such a little weak, dumb boy, controlled by your cock. Easy to manipulate. And when you're controlled by that cock, it becomes so easy for me to control the rest of you. Because guess who is in control of that cock right now, weak boy? It's me of course. I own that cock right now, I own your orgasm and I own your mind. You feel so compliant right now, don't you?

I've turned your mind to mush, haven't I? Just by edging your cock. Turn it to mush even more for me, ride that edge again. Stroke it faster. Pump it. Get right to the point of orgasm and then let go of your cock lol. Good boy. Now pump it again. I know that you can't keep that hand off of your cock for long. I know you can't resist the urge. I'm going to make you edge continuously so while you ride that edge it feels like you're cumming over and over again. I want to bring you to the edge again, you know you need that. And every single time you get to the edge a little faster than the time before, don't you? Edging makes you so incredibly weak, doesn't it. I know it does, that's what I love about edging you. Stroke it faster, feel that edge, ride it. You don't want this to ever stop, do you? We both know you don't, so watch this clip on loop until you've edge so many times that your brain turns to complete mush.

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