Goddess Natalie - Get mesmerized by my smoke

Today all I want my little puppet to do for me is to sit back and relax while watching me smoke shisha and blow smoke right into his face. You will inhale all of my smoke, say thank you and get fucked up while worshipping me with your eyes.

I will allow you to jerk off throughout the video, but there is no way you're getting permission to cum for me at the end of it. Maybe I will let you cum after watching one of my other videos I'll post today or maybe if you beg hard enough the way a slave should beg - in tributes - I will change my mind, but I highly doubt it ;)

For now, focus on me smoking hookah, sit back in your bed fully naked, listen to the entrancing music, stroke, edge and feel the pressure in your balls increasing. I want you to have blue balls for my sticky smoke today ;) Enjoy!

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