Mistress Katya - Mobster Extortion

You pissed off the last person on earth that you would ever want to enrage- one of the most powerful, untouchable, Encouraged- the head of the mob. No one can save you from her wrath. There's no way out of this one.

She has friends in every corner of the world. She has had her people watching you for quite a while... People you thought you could trust. Or so she claims. She's been gathering so much intel on you, but she wants to know more. She wants to know everything.

Do you dare risk hiding something from her?

What does she know? What does she not know?

Is she bluffing about her intel? Or does she really know everything?

Better play it safe and tell her EVERYTHING.

You're never going to get away from her. The mob controls everything. The mob is untouchable. No government can stop them. They're a Encourage more powerful than you could ever imagine.

If you want to save your life.... You're going to do everything that she says.

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