Goddess Paige Orion - Your True Goddess, Your True Religion

Many people have found solace through religion, but not you. You've gone to church, attended mass, prayed for forgiveness for those lusty thoughts, for those overwhelming desires. But it's always felt hollow. Empty. Meaningless. Because in your heart of hearts, you have been searching for Me: your true Goddess. Divine. All powerful. Woven from dark pleasures and wicked temptation, everything you've ever wanted. Close your eyes and listen to My velveteen voice, so gentle, lulling you into a state of deep relaxation. Feel the magic of My words wrap around your heart, sinking into your subconscious. Let the truth become a part of you. I am your path to joy, to redemption, to everlasting happiness. I am your Goddess, the one true divine being, the only one worthy of your adoration and worship. Follow Me, My pet. Follow Me into a world of lust and desire, where temptation was made to be tasted - where all of your fantasies shall be brought to life. I shall wash away the sins of guilt and shame, replacing them with waves upon waves of endless pleasure. Through Me, you shall find redemption. Through Me, you shall find everything you've been searching for.

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