Mistress B. - Mindless Masturbator Trance For Brainless Gooners

This clip features intense hyp n0 t!c audio and visual effects. You will hear The Mistress B’s voice echoing in your head as you enter a deep gooning state from which you will not want to return. Listen to this clip on repeat as you goon out for hours, losing all track of time.

Listen to my voice as you begin to sink into this manipulation of your mind. Focus on my words. Breathe in deep and slowly exhale. Feel the deep waves of relaxation wash over you. Your mind begins to loosen. There is only me, everything else will begin to disappear. You will begin to feel a tingling sensation, you will focus that sensation on your cock until it begins to throb. And as I count backwards from ten, you will begin to sink even further. And the throbbing in between your legs will grow even more. Sink deeper, you are getting blank and mindless. Throbbing. Brainless.

You are mine, you are sinking deep into this state of relaxation. It feels so good. Now you will focus on your throbbing cock. Pump it for me, slowly at first. Feel it pulsating in your hand as you begin to thrust it into your hand. As you enter a gooning trance, your mind turns to mush. You’re so pliable and easy to manipulate. You’re so vulnerable and open as you pump your brain out through your cock. You are stroking and mindless. I’m turning you into my mindless masturbator.

Pump for me. Relax as I infiltrate your mind. Just a mindless gooner for me. You’re so lost in it. It feels so good. You can’t stop, just a mindless masturbator. You belong to me now puppet. You’ve invited me in and now I’ve taken root and I’m planting seeds. You’re becoming a mindless masturbating addict for me. You can’t stop. Stroking, jerking, gooning as your mind goes blank. A mindless masturbator. You are losing yourself. Just a jerking machine now. All you can feel is the pleasure.

You are just a brainless masturbator. All you can do is jerk while you focus on my words. Your hand is fixed to your cock. You don’t want to cum, you don’t want to stop feeling this pleasure. You just want to continue being a mindless masturbator. Feel yourself getting dumber and dumber with each tug of your cock. You’re just my mindless masturbator, and you will never be the same. You will need to return here to be my mindless masturbator. You have become so addicted to this feeling. Goon out, edge all night for me my brainless stroker.

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