Annabel Fatale – The Puppeteer 2

Are you ready for the ultimate GENUINE Brainwash? You need The Puppeteer series! For those who have Pt1, welcome to the next instalment. I didn’t plan to turn this into a series, however, after the success and feedback from Pt1 I knew I had to take things to the next level. Embedded commands, linguistics play and deep subconscious anchors that initially appear subtle, however, the effects will become apparent with time. I wanted real brainwash once more, but, in a way that almost felt like you were out to dinner with me, and, I completely engross your mind leading to a future of endless cravings. You need The Puppeteer – Part 2 – A.F. Ultra full video mesmerize. Get ready for the most elegant mind crus**** brainwash file you’ve ever seen.

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