Goddess Nalini - Addicted to Black Brats Therapist-Fantasy

You have an addiction to paying Black brats, you just can't get enough. You feel like it's time to get control over this addiction, so naturally you begin to see a therapist-fantasy.

In your naivety , you choose a Black therapist-fantasy. Unconsciously, you just feel that Black Women have the necessary expertise to take you where you need to go.

Little do you know however, that your therapist-fantasy believes in a Black femme domination.
You've attended a couple sessions but when you show up to today's session, you can tell that things are different.

I walk in clad in fishnet and my whole demeanour seems different. I, your therapist-fantasy has decided that we are going to be taking a different approach to your treatment. I decide that hypnotherapy is the next step. I instruct you to lay back and watch the pendulum, you begin to sink deeper and deeper. In this place, I take full control of your mind.

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