Miss Untamed - Dr Shrink

You have been seeing Dr. Shrink for some quit sometime for your fetish addiction. Stockings, pantyhose and FEET! You have not been practicing your treatments that she gave you in order to overcome your obsession. After flaunting her feet and nylons in front of you, she realizes that and mentions she has one last idea that may help. Little do you know that "Dr. Shrink" is not the doctor you thought she was. She magically transforms herself into Evil Dr. Shrink and explains that she shrinks men just like you. She knew the moment she saw you that you would be perfect to undergo her shrinking powers. Little by little she magically shrinks you. Her superpowers are way too strong for you to stop and she keeps going until she is satisficed with your height. Teasing you with her big feet she tells you to finish or else she will end you. All this has gotten you so excited you cannot contain yourself. Afterwards she mentions she has another patient coming in. She puts you into a jar and changes back to Dr. Shrink and tells you to be quiet as you may have a fried joining you soon.

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