Tsarina Baltic - The Only Kiss You Need

You love my lips, my perfect plump big lips, they've enticed you once before, more than once actually, you are not just an admirer, you are infatuated by my lips. And how beautiful they are, so arousing in red, first with a lipstick, a thick bright red lipstick, with some glimmers of me licking a heart shaped lollipop, and then it gets even more intense when I apply more and more gloss. The glossy red plump lips turn you into a weak mess, it all climaxes into a perfect plump kiss just for you. The kiss that you not only want but have been craving and aching for. A kiss that's utterly divine. Come here and pucker up!

MP4 * 390 MB * 00:05:16 * 1920x1080

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