Tsarina Baltic - Goddess Denial Aroma Training

Wanking your dick seems so unnescessary to me, it's so much better to fuck your brain up by me and some deep aromatic stimulation. I want to turn your brain into goo, your cock into a throbbing leaky mess. Train to get weaker, damage your brain with me, I love fucking your brain with my sexy body, making you a desperate blue balled horny loser. Cranking you up like a toy just to set you back on the shelf and flip you off as I do, you're absolutely obssessed with me. Enjoy getting fucked around with and denied like you deserve. Cumming, jerking, pumplng, edging even ruining your orgasm, eating your own cum, is all off the table, no amount of pleading will help you, won't change my mind, you're destined to be a denied loser huffing aroma and throbbing for Goddess.

MP4 * 952 MB * 00:12:54 * 1920x1080

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