I am extremely excited to introduce you all to The Puppeteer - Reconfiguration MINDFUCK. This file in my opinion is the most hardcore conditioning file that I have EVER produced in my career, fan and followers..you will immerse yourself in to a whole new world of mind control using genuine techniques that I’ve learnt over the past 9 years, packed with subtle triggers, neuro linguistic programming, deeper than ever conditioning, this file will max out your senses to the extreme, This file is a very deep Mesmerize file that I’ve designed to have a deep and spiritual impact on you, it is designed to control you in a very very pleasant and euphoric way...such a good head fuck you'll be craving more and more and more....of ME! this file is going to benefit you in a massive way....more addicted to me than ever before, totally mindfucked in to oblivion There will be a whole lot of content with triggers in place, to make the file a potent standalone file. Please do not drive or operate machinery after listening to this file as this file will make you drowsy.

MP4 * 1.55 GB * 00:27:15 * 1920x1080

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