Welcome to the second file in the series of The Slave Program - The Symbol

If you haven’t purchased the slave program - DNA, please do so before partaking in this file.

You’ve been waiting patiently for this haven’t you? Like a good little submissive slave? The real you is here and ready for more slavery…In this file my slave we will be introducing you to some tasks, you will be given the gift of a gold key, you will be given the gift of bowing down to your goddess, being the ultimate slave, beta male..subservient that you crave and desire to be, you’ve had a taste of that it’s like to be my slave and you want more don’t you? You want my soft voice to poison your soul, to poison your mind like a willing victim, to have you on your knees with one word, you’re about to be sent in to the most delicious and deviant mindfuckery ever….you thought the first file was powerful…wait until you immerse yourself in this one, take a DEEP relaxing breath…you’re going to need it!!!

This file contains tasks, including merchandise of the * Slaves handbook* instructions are at the end of this file.

This file contains flashing, this file will make you drowsy so please do not drive after partaking in this file.

MP4 * 1.08 GB * 00:26:28 * 1920x1080

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