Princess Miki, Goddess Valentina Fox - MK Ultra - Goon Cult Remastered For A Deeper Indoctrination

This is an intense MK Ultra/Goon Cult remix, programmed to further indoctrinate you into the HumiliationPOV goon cult. It has heavy overlayed visual layers, MK Ultra subliminal messaging, as well as fast moving images of the Brats, all carefully programmed to create a visual masterpiece. The audio contains three layers, all playing simultaneously in your brain. These three layers can be heard individually but it is best not to focus on just one. Let your brain just absorb the mind numbing audio. One voice is that of Princess Miki, one voice is Goddess Valentina Fox, and the third is a computer programmed voice meant to induce actual MK Ultra mindrinsing. You will goon your brain away and fall deeper into the cult of HumiliationPOV. Be warned, this clip will fuck up your brain, it has been carefully programmed to do so. But that just makes you want it more...

MP4 * 985 MB * 00:13:20 * 1920x1080

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