Goddess Alexandra Snow - Seduced To The Dark Side

Come here Jedi. Focus on the sound of my voice. I know you can hear me. I’m in your mind. Ever since I let you go running back to the Jedi Order, I’ve been here waiting. You may have thought you defeated me, but that is not the case. Ever since I made you cum during that battle, you can I became connected. Your powers and mine are intertwined. Light and Dark mix together in your body and mine. This tether binds us, but the pull is not equal. I am so much more powerful than you. My Darkness will overcome your Light and your power will be mine. Your very will is to be mine. This is your destiny, Jedi. Our meeting was not chance. The powers of the universe brought us together to mingle like this. Don’t be afraid, Jedi. You don’t have to worry about the laws of your Order anymore. You’re going to be with me, here in the Dark Side.

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