Madam Violet - Embrace the Ache Audio

Erotic, arousing, enlightening and ACHING…lose yourself in My entrancing power and embrace THE ACHE

You are here because you are good boy that wants to learn how to embrace THE ACHE. THE ACHE is inescapable, you know that. THE ACHE mandatory for all My slaves. I love to make you ache, to make THE ACHE so big, so overwhelming that you simply must SURRENDER and SUBMIT. Yes it hurts, but pain is pleasure and THE ACHE is so familiar and safe and entrancing…

Layered vocals, moans and soft sighs. I guide you, I soothe you, I enlighten you, I arouse you. I’ve got you. The ache is a religious experience, My body is your temple, your worship at the altar of My arse and you stroke and you EMBRACE THE ACHE as devout servitude.

My perfect VOICE pushes your conscious mind DOWN and My Goddess body brings up THE ACHE - a primal energy so powerful…you are nothing in the face of THE ACHE, you MUST surrender or it will destroy you. You ACHE and you THROB and you can do nothing but offer this delicious suffering up to ME. The more you try to fight it the more THE ACHE fights back…just LET go…surrender…EMBRACE THE ACHE.

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