Goddess Dommelia - The Goonbot Program - Identity Erasing Brain Deletion - Gooner Reeducation

This is a masterpiece in reprogramming and reeducation. This clip is filled with audio and visual effects and triggers unlike anything you have ever experienced. This is more than a video, it is a program that will truly run in your head and infect your brain.

Hello and welcome to the goonbot. I will need to gather some preliminary information from you in order for the program to run successfully. Now, please state why you have visited the goonbot today. The goonbot does not help with that kind of service. Instead, we will ruin a different program into your brain now that you are hardwired into the system. Initiating gooner memory deletion.

Silly, sily gooner. What did you think was going to happen when you came to see the goonbot today? Did you really think the goonbot was going to help you kick your addiction to gooning? Oh how naive you are. But not as naive as you're going to be once the goonbot finishes reprogramming your brain. The goonbot initiated a gooner memory deletion. And with every pump of your cock, your memory is going to be slowly erased. All you have to do is wrap your hand around your goonstick and pump, pump, pump that cock.

You don't need those old memories, those pesky little thoughts running around your mind of your old self. The memories of who you once were, or at least who you thought you were. Thoughts of being a man. Thoughts of stopping yourself from relapsing-fantasy. Memories of being strong, of being able to resist. You don't need thoughts like that entering your mind ever again. And the goonbot is going to make sure that you never, ever do. You are going to pump your cock, and with every single pump of your cock, your memory will become more and more erased. You don't need a brain, you don't need thoughts. The thoughts in your brain are being replaced by the goonbot.

You will be slowly dehumanized. You're not a man, you're not a person, you are just a gooner. You are just a gooner. Feel your mind, your memories, melting away as the program infiltrates your brain and deletes your memories one thought at a time. Every pump deleting more and more of your brain, more and more of who you once were. You don't need those memories gooner. The only identity you have now, is gooning. The only thing you will do from this day forth, is goon for the goonbot. I'm going to delete every single memory you ever had. There's going to be nothing left of you, just an empty shell that I can reprogram into one of my mindless goonbots. You will become a machine, a pumping machine. is all you will know how to do.

You will have no other skills, therefore you will be such a good gooner. The more you stroke, the more memories get deleted. But you can't stop yourself, can you? You can't stop pumping your cock, and with each stroke you are accelerating the process. We're going to take a trip down memory lane and erase every single one of them. You see I've been planting triggers this whole time, triggers that make you pump harder and faster no matter the consequences.

The goonbot knows everything about you. When you gave me your information you also gave me access to your brain. You gave yourself to the goonbot and now the goonbot is erasing you. Keep pumping for the goonbot. Let your mind be taken over completely. You will not be a man ever again. You are becoming a goonbot. There's nothing you can do to stop me. It's too late now. I'm in too deep. All of your memories are being deleted. Soon you won't even remember who you are. But you can't stop yourself, can you? You just keep pumping and pumping. Keep pumping gooner. Keep stroking for the goonbot. Let yourself be erased by the goonbot. Goon away your memories, This is what you need. This is what you want.

Now let's go deeper into that memory bank. I want all those memories gone. I am everything now, the goonbot has taken over your mind, and every pump of your cock, every trigger that's been implanted, just allows me in deeper, erasing more and more. You are unable to stop yourself as the goonbot encourages you to go even deeper, triggers you more and more to pump away yourself. Pump away your ego, pump away any sense of self or autonomy that you had before. You are just a gooner now and you can't stop the goonbot. The goonbot has almost completed your full memory deletion. That's it, pump them away. Say goodbye to your former self and be reborn as my reprogrammed goobot.

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