British Bratz - Relax And Sniff

Are you ready to enter a new state of mind, a new world, a new universe?  Do you know how easily I can get you so high you will completely forget who you are.  As I instruct you to inhale those with each and every hit you float away, far far away from your reality.  That is why you keep coming back, why you can’t stay away, because it feels so good.    I’m going to completely fuck you up both physically and mentally.  Your nose will be sore, burnt and bl00ded but don’t be scared I will guide you every single step of the way.  Just relax and take a nice long sniff from that bottle and let it take over your body. I know the thought of this scares you but do not worry, you are in safe hands and you will do everything I say.  
So come here I want you to take one long giant sniff of these .  I want you to inhale it so deeply that your head pulsates, your vision becomes blurry, your palms become sweaty and you are hooked waiting for that next hit. So keep your eyes on me, I’m going to guide you with my body.  Hit it again.  I want your eyes to be rolling, to be unsteady, dizzy, mindless and begging me for more.  That’s it, sniff again. Your’e just so easy, so desperate and I’m going to seriously fuck you up today.

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