Queen Elastica - Micropenis Mindrinsing - Tiny Dick Tiny Brainv

Queen Elastica! This clip is such a mindfuck! It is filled with audio and visual effects. You will hear her laughter echoing in your ears. It is inescapable lol!

It's so small! Awwww! How did this happen? How did it get sooo small, so useless? How did that little dick ever get so small? LOL! When did you realize that have a micropenis? When did you realize that your little dick is completely useless? LOL! Oh, you didn't know? Really? LOL! You have a full blown, clinic case of micropenis. Are you telling me that you didn't know that your dick is a micropenis? That it's completely useless? That it's a defect? That it's fucking hilarious! LOL!

So, you're not just a micropenis beta loser, you're also a fucking idiot! LOL! It's not just your dick that is tiny, it's not just your dick that's useless, it's your brain too. Your tiny little brain, too stupid to figure out on your own, too stupid to even realize how humiliating your predicament is. You fucking idiot! LOL! Tiny dick, tiny brain. So stupid! LOL! Look in between my two little fingers, is this where your dick belongs or where your brain belongs? LOL! They both can fit in there, your tiny little brain and your tiny little dick. Micropenis. Micobrain. Fucking stupid, fucking useless, a stupid little bitch with your tiny little carrot dick and your stupid little pea brain. LOL! You're a stupid little vegetable LOL!

Useless. Disgusting. Unfuckable. What are you even going to do with yourself, hmmm? LOL! Not only are you hopeless because of your little miicropenis, not only will you never please a woman, but you will never be able to achieve anything because you're So stupid! LOL! Tiny brain, tiny dick. Useless and stupid. Hopeless. Nothing for you. There's nothing for you out there. Only two stupid little fingers for your stupid little dick. Why don't you take those two stupid little fingers and jerk your stupid little dick all day. Don't worry, there's nothing better you should be doing because you're so fucking stupid! Because you're such an idiot, because you're such a fuckup. Do you think you can handle jerking your micropenis with your two little fingers or are you too stupid? LOL!

When you're jerking your tiny little penis you get so fucking stupid. It makes your brain stupider and stupider. LOL! You're sooo stupid! Dumbass! You're so stupid and helpless. This is your life. Your stupid, meaningless life LOL! You fucking moron! Just give up, there's nothing else for you. Just pinching your life away, two stupid fingers, one little penis, and one mindless fucking idiot. That's you dumbass! LOL! There's nothing else you're good for. You're a dumbass with a tiny dick. You're never going to have a girlfriend, or even date because of your stupid little micropenis LOL!

A tiny little dick to go with your tiny little brain. You don't even understand how embarrassing you are, you're too stupid! LOL! It must bo so humiliating and embarrassing to be you. You should be ashamed of yourself. You're pathetic! Why don't you go hide behind your stupid computer screen and jerk your stupid dick to porn! LOL! Did you get stupid from stroking too much? Did you stroke your brains away, dumbass? Is that what happened? LOL! You pumped your brain away with your tiny little fingers on your tiny little dick. LOL! There's nothing out there for you, so just hideaway in your basement on your computer pumping your stupid useless dick like a fucking loser! No pussy for you. You're useless. Hopeless. Helpless. You're embarrassing. You're a fucking idiot with a tiny little brain and a tiny useless little dick! LOL!

MP4 * 818 MB * 00:11:04 * 1920x1080

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