Goddess Jadah - Your Truth

Look into my eyes. Look at my lips. Look at my bone structure. Look at every single bit of me. What do you feel? Do you feel warmth? Do you feel appreciation? Do you feel an acceptance, a belonging? I know you. I know the true you, not the you that struts around day to day. Not the you that you try to portray to the world out of fear of being judged, out of fear of rejection. I know you. I understand your wants, your needs, your desires. I understand the truest forms of who you are, who you really are. You've always felt those submissive tendencies to devote yourself to someone beautiful, powerful, dominant. The moment you first laid your eyes on me you knew this is where you belonged, so look into my eyes and realize that you are finally home. Its time to relax, and let my words flow deep through your subconscious mind, my slave.

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