Tsarina Baltic - No Escaping PopperLan

You've gone deep down into the rabbithole, a stranger to these parts, but I've been expecting you... You're here for a reason.... Something has clearly taken over your life, your attention, your pleasure centers, you've tried them all,a huff or 15 gets you off, no good wank without it. But here, we have the most potent stuff, one that instantly makes you cum & I've decided to test your sensitivity, one good huff is nothing to you, you think you can get through 5 more, 7? What about the whole bottle til it just evaporates, yeah! Try holding back from cumming, while I push and push that sweet stuff to you, you'll practically beg me to let you breathe air! Hahahahaha! Tick Tock, you're on the clock! Hold back, stroke, stroke, stroke! The whole night, don't stop, don't think, just stroke, just stroke, til your brains Smoke out your ears and you're left a stroke puppet glued to the screen for all eternity!

MP4 * 976 MB * 00:14:30 * 1920x1080

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