Tsarina Baltic - Ultimate Loser Goons Beta Brain Breaker

(This clip is filled with mindfucking audio effects and Tsarina Baltic's perfect nude breasts!) You don’t even fucking care anymore, do you? You’ve fetishized your inability to get a date, to stay hard for sex, your loneliness, your disgusting pervert fetishes … you’ve broken your brain! Truthfully though, that’s a good thing. Not only is it realistic for you, since you’re a natural born beta loser .. but no one should EVER have to put up with you! You are doing the world a service by staying inside and gooning the fuck out. So lube up, loser, I’m going to use you in the only way you really truly deserve. The best way is to shock your system. Normally, I'd deny you until you were begging for any semblance of sexuality.. but instead, I am going to bombard your system. My perfect, lush, nude tits jiggling in your face, what did you think would happen? I am going to use your weakness to my advantage. There's no going back, no saving you, nobody wants you .. nobody will. You're always gonna stay addicted to porn. So desperately addicted. Pump, pump, pump. Obsess over My body, My perfect curves, these big juicy fuckin' tits.. so hot. So addictive. You don't even care that I am completely taking over your stupid, pathetic life. How dumb that that's your life long goal. to be devoted to porn. You don't need anything. Just more gooning. Keep gooning. Finally find some meaning in that pathetic life by pumping for Me.

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