Tsarina Baltic - Findom Space Out

You will slowly descend and space out to me, watch as my body and voice relax you into that perfect pleasure space. I'll shut your brain right off, we only need your mind to work for me now. Only to listen to my voice and obey it, feel the pleasures, the itches to do as my voice tells you. You are my mindless little addict waiting for the next fill and your time has come to serve. Serve me with pleasure, ache to send more, rid your mind of nonsense and follow my voice to deeper addiction, watch my perfect tits turn you into an eager pay slave, eager to send, craving to send more, feel the pleasure of giving in and completely being taken over by me. Let this addiction take over, let this love for me manifest until you're hard just from thinking of paying me, having random urges to send, those urges becoming much more fulfilling than stroking itself. It's so perfectly easy to transmit those thoughts into you, you are just an empty brain waiting for more of me...

Use headphones and preferably watch it in the dark to completely immerse yourself into me. Watch this repeatedly and feel the utter pleasure of being entranced by me. Enjoy and relish every moment...

MP4 * 652 MB * 00:08:50 * 1920x1080

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