Tsarina Baltic - Sub Mind Wash

This is an intense soft binaural mesmerizing slave training program. Prepare to have your mind slowly slip away, come in with the openness to submit, my voice slowly lulling you into a perfect state of calm, my calm...

Yes, that calm you wish to worship, you crave to exist for the perfection of it. That calm, that beauty, the power all of it, you want my voice, you want to obey my voice, obey it, listen and submit to it, the craving is overwhelming, your heart is aching for it, you're completely entranced by the need to, but it's so easy to do it, so easy to do exactly what I say, it makes you happy. One click, one push and you're with me then, comfortable in your seat, watching your Goddess, your Queen, your Worshipped Perfection have all of your mind in her soft supple milky palms.

MP4 * 313 MB * 00:11:07 * 1920x1080

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