Princess Miki - Goon Addiction - Black Hole of Pleasure

What you have is beyond a masturbation addiction. It’s beyond a porn addiction. Your compulsive gooning habit is a lifestyle that consumed you. Defined you.
You fall deeper and deeper into this black hole of addiction, sinking into this bottomless abyss I have set up for you. But you don’t feel suf focated by this black hole. You feel embraced by your addiction.
You can’t stop gooning. You won’t stop, because you don’t want to stop.
I’m the engineer of your addiction to gooning to Me, and you find that wildly erotic. You know that by keeping you in this state of horny helplessness, you have no choice but to grow closer to Me. That’s why I encourage you to pump MY cock for hours and hours without having an orgasm, and you passionately embrace these commands.
After a few days of this, you might lose control and have an orgasm. But that’s not the end. There is no end. You will become aroused again, and your desires will guide you back to Me.
You’re Mine. You wish to be Mine forever, so you may forever be enveloped in this pleasure I grant you.
Gooning makes you weaker. Growing weaker intensifies your craving to pump. This is an endless cycle, My little puppet. You never want this to end, and I think you understand that it won’t.

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