Maya Liyer - In Debt to My Mezmerizing Feet

The second clip in a Golden Mesmerize series, in the first episode you found yourself in the slave fucking room, feeling woozy and not sure how you got there, never mind, just relax as I place this collar around your neck and order you on to your knees, you will worship My shoes as a sign of your subservience as I take you deeper. That clip is here in My store “Golden Rules”
Now that you are on the floor, under My spell and begging for Me to take you deep into a life of mindless slavery at My feet, its time for you to show your Goddess how obedient you are, how gratefully are you going to worship your Goddess? How is My new tongue whore going to perform when I give the triggers and commands?
Crawl to My feet, we will soon find out how Much of a foot freak you are. I will drain you of all of your money, take your house and all of your assets, when I have drained you dry you will sign your human rights away to Me, I will own you, you will live out the rest of your pitiful life in one of My cages, a 24/7 mindless plaything for Me.

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