Empress Poison - Booby Trap

You run into me at a nightclub, Enchanted by my cock stiffening breasts, mesmerized by my forward advances I lure you away from the club and back to my apartment. My breasts make you so dumb that you do not even realise that this is a trick. I give you a seductive dance while you sip a beverage I have made, and you start to feel unlike yourself as reality distorts and soon, everything is black. You wake up in a a cellar to discover that I have repeatedly used your body, taken pictures and videos of me doing so. I pulled out your IDs from your wallet... and you start to sweat and shake knowing what is to follow.... You are going to be my prisoner not only for tonight, but for life.

MP4 * 2.63 GB * 00:12:48 * 3840x2160

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