Goddess Marley - BNWO Conditioning



In the "real world," you've always had this urge to submit to and admire Black women. While society continued to tell you that this was a waste of time, there's something about following the orders of beautiful Black women that satisfies an ache inside you.

Even if it's for something as small and trivial as opening a door or sending a gift without any prompting or wanting something in return.

Not until recently did it ever occur to you that this is not only your purpose but a part of your conditioning that remained unknown to you...until now.

And when you try to fight it, you're met with your keeper then made to goon the night away while she works her programming on your soft brain! There's no escaping serving her, consciously or subconsciously, your conditioning has made you a simping white slave!

Just let it happen, white boy. Give in and let go! You have been conditioned to serve a beautiful, curvy Black Goddess who has molded and programmed you to serve her whims.

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