Empress Poison - Obedient Boy Blackmail

Playing games with you always ends in your downfall. You would have thought that you learn from your 'mistakes' but with you, history is always doomed to repeat itself. Thats because I lead you to make not only foolish decisions, but the most pleasurable foolish decisions.

My big eyes and soft voice turn your brain to mush and you become an obedient bot for me to play with. This time I want even more from you... I want to extract every little bit of information from you. I want to know who YOU truly are so that my already tight leash can become an inescapable game that will never end.

You are bewitched by me, entranced and about to give up your privacy for my pleasure and power, and yet you can't help it... as you look into my eyes, these things just happen. Your life just spirals out of control into my web... so I can use your privacy to harness complete submission.

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