Tsarina Baltic - Fucked Over Ar0ma

We interrupt your regularly scheduled jerking to bring you a little more devious jerk off instruction. You see, we know you've been spending a lot of your time here, we've seen your stats, it's like you can't stop stroking. One thing in particular gets you off the hardest, turns you into the weakest brainless dribbling jerk puppet. Tsarina. Her cunningly evil mind makes you drip harder than any other, you ache for her, so much so, you can't bare a day without checking up on her newest clips, your newest jerk fantasy cuming to life. She's out of this world and beautiful, you're not worthy and you know it. She makes you weaker than anything, she knows exactly when to have you stroke, when to have you send, you're easy for prey after all, She knows you'll do anything for her. she knows you want to be used up by her, she knows you're more than willing to serve her this way. But it's so much more fun to twist your head up, give you a rush of ecstasy from sniffing over and over again til you lose what little control you had before, to completely let go, then having you pay.

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