Twisted Masturbation Instructions from the Hottest Women Out There

Looking for a way to up your masturbation game? Want some hot girl to tell you how to masturbate? Lucky you – there’s something truly special that you’re about to discover with this collection of amazing JOI content. Seriously, this here might as well change your life! Our pornographic library will redefine what is masturbation for each and every single one of you. It’s not just a bold claim, it’s a legit fact that you will have to deal with.

P.S. You should probably leave if you were looking for teen masturbation videos or male masturbation clips. This here is different, this here is on a WHOLE ANOTHER LEVEL.

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Is masturbation bad for you? Nope. Unless you’re doing it wrong. Is masturbation good for you? Hell yeah it is, especially if you listen to masturbation tips from our beautiful women. Let’s start the introduction by talking about the women involved, right? The beauties that you are going to see here are all different because we wanted to make sure that there’s something for EVERYONE, no matter how specific your tastes and preferences might be. We got JOI pornstars, we got independent content creators such as Crystal Knight, Leena Fox, and Goddess Canna (Looking for fun, new ways to masturbate? Check out her video called “5 stroke challenge”!).

Now that you get that the women in question are all different, let’s talk about the genres that we offer. Here are the JOI porn categories we have available on our website:

Since this here is our main page, we are going to talk a bit about every genre mentioned above in hopes of piquing your interest. Let’s start with CEI videos… Those are pretty self-explanatory, are they not? These types of videos have a stark femdom element to them, which means that the women involved are going to talk REAL dirty to you as they take control. They are going to make fun of your appearance, personality, sexual performance, you name it. Once they break you, they WILL make you eat your own filth. There are NO exceptions.

The second category is called “Dirty Talk” and it’s for the people who want to dabble in the freakiest masturbation games imaginable. The mistresses and the foul-mouthed beauties just keep on coming up with new ways of how to masturbate for guys. They also manage to gamify the whole thing, it’s endlessly impressive. Moving on, we got Feet JOI. Once again, we don’t really have to dwell on that because the title says it all.

The Humiliation/Femdom category is perfect for folks that want to be scolded for masturbating everyday! This particular section is a HUGE fan favorite, just in case you were wondering.

The JOI category is a bit of an anything-goes kind of thing and the “Mesmerize” one deals with hypnotism, effects of masturbation on the human psyche, and new ways of how to masturbate for men (of course).

With so many exciting opportunities waiting, we are just going to send you on your way. Now that you know that there’s a shitton of diversity available on our site, we think that you’re more than eager to explore this wide-ranging xxx library. Here’s hoping the videos, screenshots, and descriptions aren’t TOO mind-melting and you’ll figure out the way to download ‘em!