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1. Crystal Knight - Milking You Dry JOI

I’m in the mood to give you the ultimate pleasure of being milked dry to my instructions and divine body in this bikini. Stare and stroke as you immerse yourself into subspace. Worship my body and feel your cock getting harder in your hand as I feed into your fantasies. I know what you like and I use it to make you so horny and helpless. Being teased to the brink of an orgasm before getting counted down and drained dry is the most addicting feeling in the world. Give in and jerk for me.

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2. Eva de Vil - Seductive Secretary Challenge

I bet I can make you cum in under 15 minutes without even touching you.

If I win, I get 3 weeks paid vacation. If you win, I’ll be a good girl and stay at the office working hard.
I know it’s bold of me to propose but I’m being entirely serious.

Jerk for me. I’m sure this isn’t the first time you’ve done it. You try to compose yourself around me but you don’t have to anymore. You can relax.

Just give in. Only good will come of this. You get an amazing, intense orgasm, thanks to me… maybe the first of many, and I’ll get my vacation.

Are you telling me you don’t like the idea of me in a bikini? I’m gonna be so sexily bronzed after my trip.

When I get back, I bet I’ll be able to make you blow even quicker. I’ll train you to get so weak for me to the point that you’ll always give me whatever I want.

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3. Madam Samantha - Let the Post-Orgasm Shame Destroy You

I know what happens after you spray your loser cumload all over the place. You’re filled with such intense shame. All the excitement disappears right after you cum. It happens every single time, right? You hate yourself for being addicted to and femdom porn. Every time you cum, a wave of guilt washes over you and you swear it will never happen again! You’re such a fucking loser. I want you to watch this clip after you’ve already cum. I want you to start watching this clip just as you’re starting to drown in that post-orgasm wave of shame. And, you know what, I’m going to make it 1000 times worse.

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4. Goddexx Daphne - Eat Cum for Your Ex GF

You are my ex GF, and you dumped me a while ago as I was just a submissive weak sub, who could not satisfy you at all. You left for real men, but before you dumped me, you locked me in chastity and already started sissifying me by making me wear panties on a regular basis.

Today is my big day. You allow me to crawl back to you to entertain you. You tease me by slowly undressing to show extremely sexy lingerie that you bought with my money. I am allowed to unlock my cage but not allowed to touch at all, while you continue to tease me.

To drive me crazy, you use a bit of oil and put it on your divine body, and also on your gorgeous ass. I start begging you to kiss your ass which is so out of reach for me. You think that it’s cute and funny that I beg to kiss your ass after you dumped me and rejected me, and locked me up, and are enjoying your life with real men.

You allow me to lick your ass, which you have oiled up.

Then we are almost done, but you still want to be entertained a bit by how pathetic I am. You ask if I want to come, and I should beg for it. You make me beg for it.

Since I was a good boy and followed all your instructions and also did not touch myself at all, you agree to let me cum.

You ask me to throw my legs above my head, and point my dick at my mouth and shoot directly into my mouth while I also yell your name and "I love You Goddess" chants. You smile and ask me to get locked up again, but you will not touch me at all. You enjoy the relationship as it is now, and will let me know when you want to see me again, at your desired timing

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5. Goddess Vivian Leigh - White Devil Pussy Edging Game

Lets play a game. The devil loves playing games, but beware. She can be quite the trickster. You can't resist white devil pussy though, can you?

I have what you want. I have what will make you weak and make your mind feeble. Once your mind is feeble and you can think of nothing but stroking your cock, I consume your soul.

Sound good? Lets begin.

3 rounds of edging. I can tease you any way I wish. You can not cum. If you cum before you complete round 3, I get your soul. Each round it becomes more and more difficult to not explode. But you must stroke. Stroke, edge. Maintain. The visual is too much, my body is too perfect and I am too powerful. You will not win.

If you win, will I keep my word? Only one way to find out.

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6. London Lix - Follow The Lady JOI Game 2

This is a SEQUEL Challenge involving 3 cards. A Queen of Hearts (the lady), and two other random cards. I put the cards face down, showing you the initial position of the Queen, and then the fun begins - you start stroking, I start teasing...and...moving the cards around. Oops. Your task is to 'follow the lady' so that you can correctly select her position at the end of the jerk off instruction. Why? Because that's the only way you're going to get to cum fully today. Other cards may lead to denial, CEI, CBT, additional games...we'll see. It's going to be difficult to stay focused as I dirty talk and get you edging in my deep cleavage lace lingerie and fishnets, but do your best. Note: This sequel is much kinder/fairer than the first version, but it's still incredibly difficult.

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7. Bratty Bunny - Danger For Bratty Bunny

It's dangerous for you to be here. You take one look at me and it's dangerous for you... you fall deeply into obsession with me. You get so wrapped up in Bratty Bunny. Jerking off to me... it's dangerous. One minute you are going on with your day and then next you're addicted to me. You can't stop the worship of Bratty Bunny. Can you believe a woman on the internet takes full control of your mind and body? It's all so dangerous. It happens so quickly, you can't do anything about it.

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8. Goddess Amanda - Designer Denim Goon

The way my soft and tight jeans fit my body will drive you crazy. There's just something about a hot girl in tight jeans that you cannot resist. My big bubble butt barely fits.

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9. Lani Lust - I need your advice d*ddy pt 1

i ask you for your advice with some lingerie i bought but you end up getting a boner from me showing you... so of course i have to help my daddy out ;)

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10. Mistress Nova - Get Lost In My Lips - JOI

Just admit it, I'm your greatest weakness. You drool over My full, soft lips, My seductive voice, My striking blue eyes, My perfect ass-everything. Every inch of me makes you so weak. I take my time teasing and edging you until you've been reduced to a horny, mindless jerk addict. So eager for My next instruction, hanging on to every word that leaves My perfect lips. Will you last the entire clip? I guess we'll find out.

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